Sequencing the first
human genome cost
billions and required an
army of scientists, but now
a trio of researchers in the
United States have
matched that feat for the
price of a mid-range
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Energy fom deserts of
A unique industry initiative to
develop a reliable,
sustainable and
climate-friendly energy supply
from the deserts in the Middle
East and North Africa is now
taking shape...
Which fuel is safer?
On the left is a vehicle with a hydrogen tank, and on the
right a vehicle with a standard gasoline tank. Both tanks
have been deliberately punctured and ignited. The top
panel shows the two vehicles 3 seconds after ignition. We
see that, due to the buoyancy of hydrogen, the flame
shoots up vertically, whereas gasoline is heavy and
spreads beneath the vehicle. The bottom panel shows the
two vehicles 60 seconds after ignition..
NanoTech for water
Developing world
businesses must invest in
nanotech research and
development for clean
water to stay ahead, says
Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb.
Nanotechnology —
technology that works on
the scale of less than 100
nanometers — already has
applications in water purification, ranging from
nanomembranes for large-scale desalination plants to
magnetic nanoparticles that remove pollutants from
household supplies...
Gene identified that regulates breast
cancer metastasis
A key gene involved in the spread of breast
cancer throughout the body has been identified.
Previously, the function of that gene was
unknown. Expression of the gene, KLF17,
together with another gene ...
Climate Tech
UN urges developed
countries need urgently to
speed up the introduction of
environmentally sound
technologies to the
developing world...
Arab women scientists launch
DUBAI|: Awards to recognize the
contributions of Arab women
scientists were announced at the
inaugural meeting of Arab Women in
Science and Technology...
Major advance in
Electron Microscopy
Electrical engineers
have proposed a new
strategy that can
overcome a critical
limitation of
microscopes: they
Spain breaks own
wind energy record
Meeting more than 40% of
total electricity demand
through wind energy...
Fuel cell for cell phone
Toshiba launch a fuel cell to
charger cell phones...
Particles matter
A lot of very smart scientists
are betting a good part of
their careers that the Large
Hadron Collider will reveal
important and useful
information about the nature
of matter...
Energizing Peace
Two proposed pipeline routes
currently offer the greatest
opportunity to solidify regional
integration and create lasting
stability: the route from Iran via
Pakistan to India (IPI), and from
Turkmenistan via Afghanistan and
Pakistan to India (TAPI)...
Iran's nanotech car
BioTech in MEA
Dr. Anwar Nasim S.I.
Advisor (science)

Chairman, National
Commission on
Biotechnology Information
There are 17 Biotechnology
Information Centers (BICs)
spread over three continets.
Click the image on right to
access individual centers
shown in the map.
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Google's insenstivity to global sensibilities
"Don't be evil"

The forgotten
doctrine of Google
By refusing to remove the offensive film,
"Innocence of Muslims," Goggle is ditching
the guiding principles framed by its founders...
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Samsung appoints Orient its official Distributor
Karachi: March 24, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, is now introducing new range of innovative Home Appliances, along with appointing “Orient Group of Companies.” as the new official distributor for Home-Appliances across Pakistan. A press conference and media lunch was recently held in this regards, at a Country Club in Lahore. The General Manager Samsung Pakistan, Steve Han said, “There is a huge potential for growth in Home electronics market of Pakistan, which has attracted many players from the international electronics industry Samsung has a firm resolve and robust plans for investing in developing countries. It considers Pakistan as a promising market, with a vast population and sustainable economic growth Thus, the demand and competition in Pakistan is increasing as the customers seek to reduce domestic work-pressure by using more innovative appliances. Speaking on the occasion, Mian Ahmed Fazal, Director Marketing, ORIENT Group of Companies said, “We are confident to partner with Samsung Electronics and feel that these Home Appliances’ are brilliantly manufactured and will fulfill the needs of our consumers. We thank Mr. Steve for having trust in our company and together we will gain success”. Orient Group of Companies has a team of qualified and experienced professionals for promoting innovative electronic products, through a swift dealers network across Pakistan. This collaboration will enable Samsung to proactively enhance its services and streamline distribution all over the country.
Energy from waste

The potential for Energy from Waste is finally being acknowledged as a key tool in managing growing landfill sites and in the continual development of a sustainable energy infrastructure. However, even with this huge potential and opportunity Energy from Waste is still facing enormous economic, technical and social challenges...
Egypt first to tap Clean Technology Fund

Egypt is among the first countries to tap into the $5.2bn Clean Technology Fund managed by the World Bank in order to reverse its ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Other sources of finance for renewable energy projects include the World Bank Group, African Development Bank and...
Magnetism turns drug release on and off

Many medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and chronic pain, require medications that cannot be taken orally, but must be dosed intermittently, on an as-needed basis, over a long period of time. A few delivery techniques have been developed, using an implanted heat source, an implanted electronic chip or other stimuli as an... "on-off" switch.
Debating Pakistan's higher education overhaul

Pakistani researchers, writing in three correspondences to Nature, comment on Pakistan's higher education (HE) reforms that began in 2002. Atta-ur-Rahman, head of Pakistan's Higher Education Commission from 2003–2008, defends the reforms, arguing that they have led to huge positive changes. International scientific publications have grown seven-fold — from 600 in 2001 to more than 4,200 in 2008 — and about 50 new universities and institutions have been established...
Thinking big and expensive
Saudi Arabia's new flagship university is hoping to attract & retain scientists with generous funding and luxury living conditions. But critics are concerned that its corporate mentality may hinder research. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology which opened last month aims to rival the California Institute of Technology in both size and prestige...
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Dhabi Group, the
largest foreign
direct investment
group in Pakistan,  
launched Al Razi
Healthcare (Pvt)
Ltd. The
ceremony took
place here in
Lahore on
Saturday in Royal
Palm Golf and
Country Club
(RPGCC). Chief
Minister Punjab,
Mian Shahbaz
inaugurated the
Dhabi Group Inaugurates
Healthcare in Pakistan
Biotech for Cleaner World
Brent Erickson

Industrial biotechnology can help manufacturers and
producers reduce emissions of both greenhouse gases and
many other pollutants. A recently published report by WWF,
“Industrial Biotechnology: More than Green Fuel in a Dirty
Economy,” envisions a biobased economy in which production
systems rely on natural biological processes to transform
sustainable, renewable raw material inputs or waste from
other processes into energy and finished goods...
WTISD 2012
Industry Speaks
World Telecom & Information Society Day 2012
World Telecom &
Information Society
Day 2012